Sherbit Visualizes and Interprets All the Data That Your Online Services Collect

iOS: You use a lot of online services that track a lot of data, but what do you really know about all of this? Sherbit puts all of this data in one place so you can quickly understand how it all relates through engaging visualizations.

Am I spending more money on gas or Lyft rides? How much time do I spend at work versus being fooled on social media? Do my posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter get more likes on average? Sherbit can answer such questions by taking data from the various services you use and visualizing that data for comparison.

It takes just a few simple steps to create a visualization. First, you select the service you want to use, then the metric to track, and then repeat this process with another service and metric. For example, if you want to know if you were less active on the days when you worked harder, you can find out by adding steps counted by your FitBit and productivity hours tracked by RescueTime. You will need to log into each service the first time you request data, but after that Sherbit will remember and automatically download the data.

After creating a visualization, you save it by clicking the heart icon in the upper right corner and then it will appear in your toolbar. If you don’t like the visualization you created, just go back and change it. Once you’ve saved a few, you can simply check your dashboard from time to time to see what data you’re looking for.

Sherbit is new, so it still has more services (and HealthKit is only supported with an additional toggle in the settings), but it still offers quite a few options already. If you’re looking for a way to make sense of the data you’re already tracking, you can download the app for free on iTunes and see what happens.

Sherbit (free) | ITunes App Store


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