Soak the Lime Zest in Sugar First to Make the Lime More Flavorful.

There is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than a glass of cold homemade limada. The next time you stir the batch, allow the crust to soak in the sugar. As a result, you will get a much better and more flavorful drink.

After you’ve squeezed out the juice for your limeade, cut the remaining lime into quarters or eighths so that the sugar gets on the surface. Combine the lime zest with sugar equal to half their weight (weight will achieve the correct ratio, despite the size fluctuations of the lime) and let them rest for at least two hours. During this time, the oil will be drawn out of the rind, making your limeade a stronger citrus flavor.

Once the lime can react with the sugar, pour some juice and water over the lime and strain to collect all the sweet citrus liquid. This will make a strong lemonade, so you can dilute it with water (or rubbing alcohol!) Before serving. This method works for lemonade too .

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