Money in June: Bargain About Everything

So far this year, we’ve encouraged you to cut your bills, curb impulsive spending, and even save for retirement. It’s time to hone your bargaining skills this month.

Bargaining is difficult for many of us, but this skill pays off over time. You can save on furniture, appliances, vehicles, and even monthly rent . Throughout June, we urge you to ask for the best price when it’s worth it .

Here are some messages to help you get started:

One of my favorite simple bargaining tips: don’t make saying no easy . In other words, don’t ask “are you sure?” or “can you offer a better price?” because these questions allow the interlocutor to easily interrupt the conversation with a loud NOBODY. Instead, ask questions such as “what can you suggest?” This is simple advice, but simple tips can be really effective for novice traders.

So let’s hear: who’s this month? If you’re up for the challenge, let us know below and tell us what you’re planning to bargain on.


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