FullPageOS Automatically Boots the Raspberry Pi Into Full Screen Web Kiosk Mode

One of the common uses for the Raspberry Pi is as an inexpensive information display that runs something like a magic mirror or animated GIF photo frame . FullPageOS is a Raspberry Pi operating system that makes this process a little easier.

FullPageOS is configured to load in Chromium full screen window on boot. This means that if you are using your Pi to power the information display, you will not need to go through the process of disabling screensavers, editing the display size, and forcing full screen mode yourself. All you have to do is install FullPageOS to your SD card and then edit the TXT file to include your Wi-Fi network information and the URL you want to download. It’s a pretty niche little distro for the Pi, but should speed up customizing these dashboards and other HUDs significantly.

FullPageOS | Github


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