Morning Mail Sorts Your Inbox With Tinder-Style Swipes

iOS: You already know that archiving, deleting, or reading emails is an effective way to deal with a crowded inbox filled with unread messages. Morning Mail for iPhone accelerates this process with Tinder-style swipes, not to mention being a worthy email client.

Each email is displayed as a separate card, which you can preview at the beginning or read in full by clicking on it. If you don’t need to read it, use one of the swipes:

  • Swipe left to delete mail
  • Swipe right to archive mail
  • Swipe down to mark email as read

Each card also has these three options in the form of icons that you can click. And once you click to read the entire email, you can still sort it accordingly.

For now, Morning Mail allows you to add Gmail, Yahoo and iCloud accounts to import messages. There is no support for Outlook, which, oddly enough, is our pick as the best email client for iPhone . One account is free and each additional account costs a dollar. You can unlock unlimited accounts for $ 4.99.

Morning Mail for iOS (Free, $ 4.99 Pro) | ITunes App Store


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