Make a Better Mint Julep by Rubbing the Glass With Mint Leaves First

Today is Remembrance Day, but it is also Mint Julep Day . In honor of the refreshing summer bourbon and mint cocktail, here’s a simple tip to make them even better. All you have to do is rub the glass with mint flavor.

When you go to sip on a cocktail, your sense of smell and taste kicks in even before your lips even touch the glass. In fact, aroma can have a huge impact on the taste of a cocktail. Therefore, an experienced bartender will wrap citrus zest on a mixed drink or hang a wedge on a glass. To make the mint julep taste as good as possible, Keri Smith, head bartender at Doc Crow’s Southern Smokehouse & Raw Bar in Louisville, Kentucky, suggests doing the same with mint. Tap on fresh mint leaves , then rub the inside and outside of the glass with them. This will prolong the life of the peppermint oil, so every sip will be filled with a strong minty scent. Oh, and don’t forget to use perfectly soft crushed ice .

7 Bartender Tricks On How To Make A Mint Julep Better | Mental thread


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