5 Creative Ways to Eat Hummus Without Dipping

Brothers Green Eats offers five different ways to add hummus to amazing dishes you might not have thought of, from hummus soup with a miso texture to falafel stuffed with hummus and potato salad with hummus. opening it.

We’ve already given out three of them, but the bottom line is that Sabra obviously has a vested interest in getting you to buy hummus (even though it’s very easy to make your own , and other than that, you can improve on things you bought in the store. ) – invited the guys to the event and asked them to come up with some innovative ways to use hummus in recipes. Hit the play button on the video above and fast forward two minutes (roughly here) to jump straight to the good stuff.

They start with a hummus-topped tortilla as a base for a simple Greek-style salad made with a little salad, olives, feta and a little olive oil that looks great as a snack or any time of the year. day. They then move on to a potato salad with hummus, which is really just a little spiced and boiled potatoes, celery and golden raisins (totally optional, I think), tossed with a bit of spiked hummus (hummus with sour cream, a little parsilla) … , some lemon and some curry powder) for a great side dish.

They move on to hummus-stuffed falafel made with soaked chickpeas and spices they’ve passed through a food processor and stuffed with hummus before cooking, and hummus-based noodle soup you’ll need to watch to really understand. They top it all off with making a hummus and barbecue chicken kebab, which looks amazing and is as simple as you might think: equal parts hummus and barbecue sauce and marinate the diced chicken with it for a few hours or overnight, and then throw her. directly on the grill (they use the grill and put the kebab on the baking dish).

All in all, hit the play button in the video above for some pretty original ways to use hummus in the back of the fridge – or as an excuse to go out and buy hummus and make something awesome.

5 Creative Ways To Eat Hummus | Brothers Green Eats (YouTube)


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