Charm for IPhone Gives You Incredible Control Over Your Twitter Experience

iOS: Twitter is a great feed, but saving interesting tweets for later, creating playlists from songs you find, and collecting interesting or themed tweets into playlists is tricky and deserves more than a favorites button. This is where Charm comes in handy – it’s all very simple.

Quite frankly, Charm is a tool that Twitter should include in its official app. Think of it as Twitter lists for everything or anything you want, not just people. This is iPhone only (a shame, it might be coming to Android soon), but you can use it to create a playlist of all the music your favorite musicians and music accounts have posted, or maybe someone is in the middle of a huge tweetstorm. which you want to read later, but you need an easy way to analyze it without going into their profile and leaving everyone in agreement. Charm can create this playlist for you or save all these tweets.

Charm can also be your personal Twitter repository, so you can store hilarious jokes from people, users you’re interested in but don’t want to follow, or even just automatically catch tweets about events you follow, such as Game of Thrones Night. , or the Olympics. Best of all, it works with Twitter apps you’re already using, whether it’s Twitter’s own client, Twitterific, Tweetbot, the actual mobile Twitter website, or some other client. It even works with OS X’s Handoff feature, so you can open saved collections on your desktop, so you’re not limited to just your phone screen.

Visit the homepage below to find out more, see some examples of the collections it can create, and a link in the app store to try it out.

Charm (free) | ITunes App Store via Charm and One Thing Well


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