DIY Chore Bingo Makes Housework Fun for Kids (and Adults Too)

Nobody likes housework, be it kids or roommates. How do you motivate them? 3M, the creators of Post-It Note, are proposing “Chore Bingo” to be rewarded for completing these chores.

You will need 15×15 ” paper, some small sticky notes, a ruler, and a pen. Obviously 3M wants you to use their products, but you can use any of the others. Draw a 4×4 square on a large piece of paper, and then fill each square with a different piece of paper. It is best to make this housework suitable for children as well .

Now write your children’s names on small stickers and glue them to the edges of the poster. Every time the child does some work, he puts his sticker on the box. Then it’s like playing Bingo! Get four in a row and they’ll win anything from extra screen time to an increase in their allowance.

Of course, you can use this for adults as well, adding different, more age-appropriate prizes.You can also increase the number of boxes to make the game more difficult, and even have more winning combinations such as four corners.

Make Housework Fun For Kids With Weekly Household Bingo | Post-It Blog


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