This Chart Lists the Best Months to Buy Any Vegetable.

Eating and buying seasonal vegetables is not only more sustainable for smallholders, but also tastier. It’s tricky to keep track of seasonal changes, however, so CookSmarts has a handy chart to see which month is the best to buy.

A dark color on the chart means the season is in season, and a light color means that the season is out of season this month. Simple enough, right? As you can see, you can get amazing variety in any month. If you need a similar table for fruits, we will help you .

Plus, now that you have this table, you can even take a few seasonal vegetables and freeze them to pack in freshness . The full Vox article is worth checking out for other tips for picking individual vegetables, such as finding carrots with a green stalk attached.

You are probably buying vegetables the wrong way. Here’s How To Do It Better | Vox


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