The Easiest Way to Protect Your Wedding Dress When You Need to Pee

Keeping your wedding dress clean until you walk down the aisle can be a challenge, especially when you’re all dressed … and then you need to use the bathroom. Fortunately, protecting a wedding dress is easy: all you need is a large trash bag.

Stock up on a couple of trash bags and start by cutting a hole in the bottom of each. You want the hole to be wide enough to fit into your legs, but not wide enough for the dress to show through. You can store these prepared bags in the bathroom or in an emergency kit on your wedding day if you have one.

Whenever you need to pee, grab a bag and a bridesmaid to help balance, and put the dress in your bag. Thread your feet into the bag (the smaller hole at the bottom), keeping them close together. Turn the bag upside down by stuffing the dress into the bag. Once the bottom of the bag is wrapped around your waist and the bottom of the dress is tucked securely in the bag, you are ready to use in the bathroom without worrying about your dress. Make sure to hold (and dress) your bag with one hand. For a more intuitive guide, follow the link below.

How A Trash Bag Helps You Pee Fully In Big Ol ‘Wedding Dress | Unusual bride


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