Get Crunchy Cheese Chunks in Your Tacos by Mixing Cheese and Meat

Anyone can slice the cheese and place it on top of the tacos, but adding it to the meat as you cook will get you all kinds of melting, crunchy cheese chunks by grabbing your taco on Tuesday (or Wednesday or Sunday). to a whole new level.

Serious Eats’ J. Kenji Lopez-Alt took this advice on a recent trip to the Yucatan, where he discovered that the cheese in tacos is not only definitely a “thing”, but a thing that may be even better than previously thought. You can apply this technique to any taco filling, but I highly recommend trying Kenji’s Carnitas Recipe (link below).

For these brightly flavored and savory tacos of your dreams, cook the meat of your choice and slice or cut to the appropriate size. Place the meat in small heaps in a skillet or cast iron skillet and let it warm up a little and grow a little. Then add chopped oxaca or low moisture mozzarella and let it brown, childishly browned, then flip the piles of meats and cheese products and say hello. Shovel into cakes, throw it into your mouth and be happy, my friend.

The Yucatecan Secret of Adding Crunchy Cheesy Flavor to Any Taco | Serious food


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