United States Airlines Are Most (and Least) Likely to Mishandle Your Baggage

Lost baggage is a traveler’s nightmare, but some airlines are better than others at tracking your baggage. Airlines that are most (and least) likely to lose your baggage are listed here, according to the Department of Transport.

Active Times analyzed the data and compiled their list. While lost baggage likely accounts for a significant portion of these claims, the data is in fact based on “mishandled” baggage, which, according to the Department of Transportation, includes “lost, damaged, delayed or stolen baggage” altogether. Here are the top offenders based on the number of posts per 1000 travelers.

  1. ExpressJet Airlines: 3.97
  2. American Airlines: 3.19
  3. Skywest Airlines: 3.14
  4. Hawaiian Airlines: 2.78
  5. Southwest Airlines: 2.65

On the other hand, Virgin America had the fewest mishandled baggage claims. In March, they had only 524 claims, which is less than one claim per 1000 passengers (0.82). For more information, follow the links below.

Air Travel Consumer Report | U.S. Department of Transportation via The Active Times


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