Roast the Lemons First for a Delicious, Aromatic Lemonade

Using the oven to make lemonade can cause some cognitive dissonance in your brain, but roasting tart citrus fruits can result in complex, deep flavors not usually found in sweet and sour drinks.

For a richer, slightly smoky lemonade, cut the lemons in half and place them on a baking sheet, cut side down. Fry at 400 F until they are lightly charred around the edges (about half an hour). Let cool, and then juice, as usual, mixing with simple syrup and water. (You can of course make regular plain syrup or plain white sugar, but I think that would be a great use of that caramelized granulated sugar we talked about earlier – let’s talk about the hard.)

How The Oven Can Make Lemonade Better | Kitchen


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