My New Favorite Sports Bra – $ 40 Elastic Piece

I didn’t believe it either. When I first heard about Būband , I googled review after review, looking for someone who could be convinced that this was a ridiculous junk trick. But most of what I read was positive, so I told you all about it . I even bought myself one, but now? I am a believer.

The bra slips over your regular sports bra and provides extra compression to transform it into a super mega sports bra: no bounce. In any case, it is written on the site. Even after checking these reviews and posting about it, you readers were skeptical saying things like:

But then there was this.

I ordered one. The first shock was to find out that I couldn’t get it on Amazon Prime or anywhere else with free shipping, so I didn’t pay $ 40, but almost $ 50 for this piece of gum. And then it took additional time to go through customs: the manufacturer Būband, Bounce Labs (yes, really), Canadian. When he finally showed up at my door, I thought it was better worth it.

It was. This. Būband does exactly what it says it does: minimizes chatter, is comfortable and convenient.

Buband has only one job: compression

No sports bra is perfect. There are many styles in my workout drawer, from $ 10 Hanes bras to ” Moving Comfort” bras that cost the same as a Būband. Some are convenient, others are well supported, but none of them get it right.

(Before we proceed, an important fact: I have about a D cup. I may regret providing detailed measurements of my breasts on the Internet, but this seems to be an important detail for this review. Since bra size is not a branch of mathematics , different calculators give my size 38B to 34F.)

I don’t believe there is a perfect sports bra at all, at least for those taller than B cup. This Racked sports bra industry narrator summarizes the problem:

All of a sudden, there are many options for women, but not all of them are good. “There is no garment that is harder to create than a sports bra,” says LaGene Lawson, breast researcher and consultant for Champion Athletics. “There are so many different parameters. He is most attached to cultural stereotypes. You have to think about sweat, support, chafing, straps, slipping, and good looks. It’s a really long list of conflicting design requirements. “

The great thing about Būband is that it doesn’t have to fulfill any of these requirements other than support. This word means a lot of things, and in a sports bra it often means really compression . You must somehow press your chest against your body if you want it to not bounce. There is controversy in the sports bra research world over whether compression alone is enough, whether a compression encapsulated bra is needed for larger sizes, or the perfect sports bra might require a different one that hasn’t been created yet, Rakeda said. opened a strategy.

So can a compression- only strap somehow transform a regular sports bra into a super sports bra? This is what Bounce Labs is betting on, and this is what I discovered when I put on the Būband. The first time I tried it, I put it on one of my most supportive bras. Running vigorously in a good bra is sometimes uncomfortable without a bra, but I can handle it. With Buband, the bouncing … just stopped. Exactly as advertised:

Convinced that I was imagining it, I removed the strap as I climbed up the hill and the bouncing came back. I breathe a little easier, and this is the only real drawback that I found. The band does it just a tiny little bit more work to expand my ribcage if I do hard interval training that really does suck me air. I don’t believe the band affected my breathing in an important way, I didn’t when I wore it. running slower or feeling more out of breath.

So I put on the bracelet again to finish my run. And I realized that the fact that you can add and remove compression in seconds opens up new possibilities. For example, you can put it on part of the training course when you do jump squats and take it off for the rest.

The next day, I donned one of my more comfortable but less supportive sports bras and did a few things before it was time to run. I put on my headphones, put the key in my pocket and hooked on Byuband. Instant support (er, compression). When I finished running, I took it off again. It’s much better than wearing a super squeeze bra all day and rushing home to take it off.

Bottom line: it’s for real

I have worn the bracelet on every run since I received it. Still in love. I rinse it under the shower, and the next day everything is ready. It runs right under the armpits, so I was expecting stains or odor on those stains on the strap, but the fabric either wicks away sweat or hides it well.

Buband is for you if you:

  • Want bras you already owned to be tighter
  • Want to be able to add and remove compression at will
  • Never mind that heavy breathing makes it harder to expand your chest.
  • Have $ 50 to spend, and you’d rather spend it on a strap that works with multiple bras rather than a single $ 50 bra.

I wear the strap over my bra, but under my shirt, so it’s possible to correct it on the go, but it’s inconvenient. One previous reviewer said that she was embarrassed about her tight body shape when wearing a bra, but I’d say it’s only about 10% weirder than the kind of tight uniform you already have in a sports bra.

If you like your current sports bra, you don’t need to add a bra . But if you’re looking for more compression, būband provides that — and nothing else.


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