Five Unexpected Barriers to First Dates

Things can go wrong on a first date , but not all pitfalls are as obvious as you might think. According to one of over 1,300 polls of singles, you should avoid these lesser known deal breakers as well.

A poll by online dating site Elite Singles revealed many of the common first date red flags we talked about earlier . Drinking too much, spending too much time on the phone, and talking about other dates is never a good idea. But the survey revealed five unexpected barriers to bargaining:

  1. Dressing too formal: 83% of those surveyed said they prefer the casual first date in terms of dress and meeting place.
  2. Photographing food: Taking photos on a first date is really off-putting, even more so than asking you to split the bill.
  3. Selfie: Again, skip the photos and keep your phone in your purse or pocket. People hated it more than those who don’t tip.
  4. Talking is not enough: yes, you should listen to your partner when they speak, but you should also say something. 68% of singles surveyed said they would rather have too much talk than too little on a date.
  5. Adding a Date on Social Media: You might want to postpone adding a date on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 20% of those surveyed said it would cause them discomfort.

Surprisingly, the survey also shows that two well-known dating pitfalls aren’t really that important. Only 3% of those surveyed said that a bad kiss violates the terms of the deal, and only 5% said that a bad advisor will not get a second date. You can find out more at the link below.

Top 10 first date deal breakers | Elite Singles


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