What Is the Best Way to Wash Black or White Clothes to Keep Them Long Lasting?

Black and white clothes can be tricky items in the washing machine. The good experts at Consumer Reports have some tried and tested tips on how your black clothes won’t fade and your whites won’t fade.

Pat Slaven, a textile engineer at Consumer Reports, provides some simple guidelines that anyone can follow.

  • Turn black clothes inside out before putting them in the machine, always use only cold water and never put them in the dryer.
  • For white clothes, mark the filling line on the cap of the detergent so that you know the right amount every time; and use bleach * only * on 100% cotton garments, not other fabrics.

Watch the full video for more tips, such as how to use the sun to whiten whites naturally – it’s an awesome demonstration!

Saving Black Clothes Black And White Clothes White | YouTube via Consumer Reports


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