Set Yourself Breakpoints to Deal With the Stress You Know Is Coming.

Why are sidewalks laid in sections rather than one long strip of concrete? Simple: it is so that when the earth inevitably moves, the stone breaks in a controlled manner rather than destroying the work. You can use the same principle in your life when you are stressed.

As productivity writer Seth Godin explains, breakpoints allow you to predict and manage stress in ways that don’t ruin your entire life. If you hit your limit at family dinner, you could hurt those you care about. However, if you give yourself time to unleash energy by relaxing at a concert or letting off steam in a video game, you will create a very safe and necessary breakpoint for your own stress:

Well, the earth is shifting. When this happens, ideal concrete will crack in unpredictable ways, often ruining the entire work. However, when you deliberately set control points, the concrete has a chance to absorb shear and collapse effectively.

You can apply this principle to many areas of your life. If you’re struggling with finances, set a breakpoint for yourself by moving all your bills one day so you can relax a bit for the rest of the month. If you’re stressed at work, take a day off. Even if it’s not a vacation, protecting your weekend or targeting an extra day off can give you the space you need to use your weaknesses effectively.

Breakpoints | Seth Godin


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