DuckieTV Keeps Track of Your Favorite Shows, Automatically Downloads New Episodes

Windows / Mac / Linux / Chrome: DuckieTV is a handy and reliable calendar to keep track of the TV shows you watch, and automatically search for torrents with new episodes and download them to your hard drive.

The app is completely free and works the same on all major desktop platforms. Run it and you will be prompted to add shows of interest. DuckieTV will fill its own calendar accordingly for you so you know when a new episode comes out.

The kicker is torrent integration. You can use any of the best torrent clients and DuckieTV will work great with them. The app can be configured to search for them on popular sites like Kickass Torrents and automatically download a new release, or you can do it manually when a new release is also available. In fact, there is a built-in search that filters torrents based on HD or Full HD, program language, etc. You can add all of these settings as default requirements so that DuckieTV always gets the minimum quality you want. Oh yeah, there is still subtitle support.!

DuckieTV is incredibly easy to use and much easier than our more manual solution to automatically download anything as soon as it’s available . Of course, you are not getting movies from DuckieTV yet, but hopefully this will be integrated in future releases.

DuckieTV (free)


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