Top Downloads This Week

Every week we share the number of downloads for all platforms to help you get started. Here are the top downloads this week.

The best system monitor for iPhone

At first glance, system monitors may not seem as useful on your iPhone as they do on a desktop, but they can contain a lot of good data. This includes details on battery life, storage capacity, data transfer rates, and more. For the average user, our favorite iPhone system monitor is the Omnistat.

Google releases Spaces, a shared notebook for your projects

Android / iOS / Web: Google today announced a new tool called Spaces that allows multiple users to create a common workspace for projects. This allows you to collect photos, videos and links while discussing a topic in one place.

Roll automatically categorizes and selects the best photos from your iPhone’s camera roll

iPhone: If you have a large library of photos on your iPhone, you know it hurts a little to track down specific photos or pick a good one. Roll can help with both of these problems.

Alfred 3.0 provides more workflow flexibility, better text enhancement and multimedia clipboard

OS X: Alfred, one of our favorite application launchers , has just been updated with a ton of useful new features. As the name suggests, Alfred looks like your Mac’s butler, and he just bought a new tuxedo.

Fences 3 adds support for high-resolution monitors and full compatibility with Windows 10

Windows: Fences, one of our favorite desktop organizing apps, just got better with version 3. Now you can minimize fences to just their headers so you can hide your desktop clutter while keeping everything that can be easily found.

Alarm Clock Xtreme can now track your sleep at night

Android: Alarm Clock Xtreme was designed for our best alarm clock app for Android . Now, in addition to the usual alarm functions, it has added a nice new feature that allows you to track your sleep habits over time.

Custom Noisli Background Noise Generator for Android

Android: Noisli caught our attention as a quick and easy way to add background noise to the web , iOS and Chrome . Now it has finally arrived on Android.

Ripples in Space Desktop

The nVisionary desktop combines a small Rainmeter with a beautiful wallpaper to make them all go well together. The starry sky littered with system monitors and the great widget currently playing can make a great sit-down or second monitor with plenty of room to work with.

Battery Share function sends alerts to your friends when your battery is low

iPhone: If you have a friend (or several of them) who always seems to be running low on battery, Battery Share is an app where you can easily share your battery level with a select group of friends.

Yahoo Releases Yahoo Mail Open Beta for Android

Android: Yahoo may not be the first email management app, but the company’s mobile apps are still pretty good. You can now subscribe to the beta version of the Android app to be the first to get the most advanced features.

Poncho will wake you up and tell you about the weather with an adorable cartoon cat

iOS / Android / Facebook Messenger: Poncho gently wakes you up with music that changes with the weather, offers a simple and useful forecast for the day, provides travel and traffic information, and helps you get through the day with a few GIFs and some jokes – and cartoon kitten.


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