Judging Your Ideas Too Early Is a Quick Way to Stifle Your Creativity.

Living in the internet age means we have to deal with when things get stupid faster than ever. We quickly call something stupid and move on, never researching it further. That’s okay for your Twitter feed, but it’s a terrible approach to your own creativity.

As Business Site Inc. points out, creativity isn’t just about sitting down and doing half an hour a day on command. This is what you have to let flow. This is a trial and error method in which you need to be able to make mistakes and waste time. It’s hard to come to terms with the mindset that everything has to be perfect the first time, and there is no room for anything less than the best. Ironically, the pursuit of excellence can immediately stifle your creativity. To deal with this, give yourself time before judging your ideas too harshly:

To be creative, you must allow yourself to generate ideas and innovate freely and without judgment. If you evaluate your ideas too early, you will end up doubting and creating less. Separate the two processes and let your initial stream of ideas flow without interruption. There will be time later to choose and polish the best.

Judging your ideas too early not only results in discarding ideas that could later be refined, but also makes you timid. If you are too afraid to present an idea to yourself, how can you improve it until it is ready to present it to others? Give yourself the freedom to have good or even bad ideas. You must leave the gate open if you want the good ones to pass.

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