Adobe Spark Makes It Easy to Create Beautiful Images, Web Pages, and Videos

iOS / Web: Most apps that automatically create things like images or web pages end up looking like crap. The new free Adobe Spark app might perform slightly better than most others.

The app lets you quickly create beautiful images for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or your own blog with a handy set of presets. Choose the size, color palette, and heading themes. You can also choose from one of the ready-made templates for creating videos and web pages. Spark guides you through every step, doing all the hard work behind the scenes. Most of the themes are stylish and modern, which gives it an edge over most of the competition. It also provides a lot of flexibility if you want to avoid creating a cookie image like everyone else using the same app. On iOS, the app is split into three parts for posts, videos, and web pages, which you can find here .

Adobe Spark via Adobe


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