Added Sugar Will Now Be on Food Labels, No More “calories From Fat”

The government today announced the long-awaited re-labeling of Nutrition Facts. Despite pressure from some sugary food manufacturers, “added sugar” is now on its own so you can see exactly how bad Coca-Cola is for you. Expect to see new labels within two years.

Another important nutritional change is that there are no more “calories from fat”. Now that we know that some fats are good and others are not, this number makes no sense. Otherwise, the labeling of fats remains the same (indicating saturated and trans fats, but without distinguishing between different types of unsaturated fats).

Packages that contain one to two serving sizes, such as 20 ounces of cola, will need to contain information for the entire package. Some other labels will have two columns of numbers, one for “serving” and one for “packaging”.

Most companies have two years to fulfill the requirements; those with less than $ 10 million in annual food sales have an extra year. Check out the full details straight from the FDA:

Nutrition Label Changes | FDA


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