This Video Teaches the Essential Knife Skills You Need in the Kitchen.

Your kitchen knife is literally the sharpest tool in your cooking shed, so you need to know how to care for and use it. This HowStuffWorks video will help hone your knife handling skills, from proper care , cleaning and using fancy French cutting techniques.

The first part of the video explains how to clean and sharpen a knife. Never immerse the knife in soapy water. Not only does this rust on the blade, but your unsuspecting housemates can actually get hurt when they dig into the sink while the knife is in it. And remember, a dull knife is much more dangerous than a sharp knife because of the possibility of slipping and – oh – ripping a piece off your poor finger. I am ashamed to admit that I definitely had a few blunt knife collisions while cutting potatoes, so this is one of the maintenance skills to look out for.

And finally, in addition to your usual dicing, slicing, and chopping skills, you will learn how to slice neat ribbons of leafy vegetables or herbs, cut small sticks from carrots or zucchini, and slice oblong vegetables into heptahedrons. forms called chiffonade, buttonet and tour techniques, respectively.

3 Knife Skills | How it works


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