Sprint Changes Plans Again, Cancels Two-Year Contracts

Sprint does not seem to be able to decide on the contracts. In January, the company tore off its two-year contracts to return them a month later . Now they are leaving again by the end of May. Mainly.

According to an internal slide obtained by Android Central, which we usually ignore until it’s official, but for now leaks about carrier plans are as predictable as the tide, Sprint will only offer two-year contracts on a “reactive basis.” In other words, you won’t find Sprint touting two-year contract plans, and it will likely be removed from their website, but you should be able to get it if you complain enough or perhaps if your account has a special situation requiring This. The details of what the “reactive basis” entails are not clear.

One thing is clear: even though Sprint is trying to maintain its two-year contracts, it is not working very well. On the other hand, as we’ve said a lot before, buying phones from carriers in general sucks . Sprint’s plans are changing, though, you’re probably better off just buying your own phone elsewhere.

Sprint Cancels Two-Year Contracts For The Second Time May 24 | Android Central


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