FairyGodboss Offers Women a Place to Review and Discuss Employers

During an interview, it can be challenging to ask questions on complex topics such as parental leave or equality in the workplace. You want to do whatever it takes to make your interview successful, but you also need to know if the company culture is right for you. FairyGodboss can help you identify potential employers through testimonials from other women who work or have worked for the company you are considering.

Each company profile includes information on things like the company’s parental leave policy, local childcare options, and equal treatment of women and men (part of the survey). Of course, larger companies have more testimonials, but even if there are not many of them for the company you are interested in, you can still get valuable insights, such as details on how management treats women and how many women are in leadership positions.

Companies do have the ability to “claim” their page (like Johnson & Johnson ), so keep that in mind. The reviewers are anonymous, so use your judgment when reading the profile. But in general, the reviews and other information on this site can help you understand how the company treats its female employees and whether it suits your work-life balance.



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