EnhanCV Creates Beautiful, Easily Customizable Resumes for Any Job

Internet: You already know that your resume needs to look good, stand out from the pile, and be customizable for every job you apply for, but it’s not easy to do it all. EnhanCV can help and make sure your resume is suitable for the job you want and optimizes it to go through candidate tracking systems and robots for verification.

The service is free to start and starts with questions about your career, areas of interest, background and experience. When you answer them, you will fill out the basic information required to complete your resume. Once you fill out all the fields, the site will offer career tips and advice to help you make sure your resume is readable and full of the information you need to get a new job – and that’s attractive to hiring managers and HR representatives. When you’re done, you can upload a PDF of your resume and submit it, or go back to the site with the job you want to apply for and ask him to work with you to make sure your resume is set up to do so.

In addition to the usual information about your skills, work history, education, and experience, EnhanCV also allows you to add things like your daily chores in the form of graphs, some of your hobbies, and other personal tidbits to add flavor to your resume, your volunteer work and other interests that might tip the scales in your favor. You can customize your resume to include these fields, or just stick to the basics, add interesting images, mini charts or graphs, or other sections like your personal philosophy or a specific job you’re proud of, or leave them all and go for something more. formal, it’s up to you (and how much you like or dislike the whole “modern” renewal trend). The default template is free, but if you want to change it you’re looking at $ 10 for one of the other templates.

You can check out a few examples of resumes created with EnhanCV here to see what the service is capable of. If you need other options, consider the previously mentioned this CV Maker , Sumry , another favorite web app , or our own resume template Lifehacker .



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