Avoid These Six Decorations to Save Money on Wedding Invitations

If you want to send out wedding invitations but don’t want to go broke, ditch those fancy linings, lettering, and other embellishments.

It’s shocking how expensive weddings can be, even before you even started paying for the ceremony and reception. If you’re heading to a budget wedding, Chelsea Shukov, Los Angeles-based letterpress owner of Sugar Paper , recommends looking at these simple details that can quickly add value:

  1. Lined envelopes
  2. Thick cardboard
  3. Many colors
  4. The border
  5. Hand lettering
  6. Additional cards with directions or information

Someone glues the liners of the envelopes by hand, and duplex printing, the process of making thick postcards, is also done by hand. The same goes for bordering or painting over the edges of cards. In fact, if you want your invitations to be colorful, you might be better off using a digital or offset printer. And calligraphers can charge up to $ 24 per envelope if you want to hand-write. Finally, these extra cards with directions and additional tricks information are completely unnecessary when everyone has Google Maps, Facebook, and email. You can find out more about the Do’s and Don’ts with wedding invitations by following the link below.

What You Need To Know Before Looking For Wedding Invitations | Food52


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