Running on Grass Offers Great Benefits for Strength and Balance

If you’re mostly road running, you’re missing out: Soft and uneven surfaces help build strength and balance by targeting some of the less engaged muscles in your feet and legs. Even if your area does not have a scenic trail or beach, you still have the option: to run on the grass.

Look around for a park or playground with a large grass field that you can use (or send and trample your neighbors’ front yards – wait, no, don’t.) Beware of hidden hazards such as rocks or animal burrows. grass. Despite the fact that the soft surface is often presented as a light for your body to the fact they are not safer – enjoy, but pay attention to how your body and on the surface, to avoid injury.

Running on the grass is not only a physical but also a mental change in pace, so try to work it out in the last 15 minutes of your next run. If all goes well, says the post on the Competitor website, you could work on entire turf workouts.

Here is the workout the participant recommends. Start with 15-20 minutes of jogging on the grass to warm up. Then do it based on your own judgment about what you find “difficult” and “easy.”

  • 4 minutes hard
  • 2 minutes is easy (note that this is half the time of the hard interval)
  • 3 minutes hard
  • 1.5 minutes easy
  • 2 minutes hard
  • 1 minute easy
  • 1 minute is hard

Recover for 3 minutes (walking or light jogging) and then repeat the sequence two more times. Cool down with an easier jogging. Follow the link below to find out more.

Take It To The Lawn: Benefits Of Grass Training | Competitor

Photo by Greg Scales .


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