Personalize Cheap Plastic Vault With Patterned Paper Inserts

Plastic boxes are great for storing things. They are easy to clean and move around (especially if they have wheels), but they don’t look their best. If you have a plastic pantry at home that is giving you an eyesore, here’s how to fix it.

You probably already have everything you need: cardboard, patterned paper (such as brown paper), glue, and scissors. Depending on your drawers, you may also need some tape to attach the insert to the front of the drawer.

When you have all the supplies you need, cut the cardboard so that it covers the front of the drawer. Cut the paper for each insert, leaving about two inches (more cardboard) on each side. Fold the paper over the cardboard, sticking the excess to the back of the cardboard. Slide into the front of the plastic boxes and secure with tape if necessary. If the sides of your boxes are also visible, you can make inserts for each side of the box using the same process.

How to upgrade plastic crates | Oh Oh Blog


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