Labelle Makes Beautiful Custom Labels for Just About Anything, No Photoshop Knowledge Required

The last time we mentioned Labeley , he was best at making homemade beer labels without forcing you to use a complex image editor. It’s still great for this, but the web app can now do a lot more, create more labels for more occasions, and even print them professionally for you if you want.

Make no mistake, Labeley is still great (and her guide still shows you how to do it) at creating custom labels for your own home brew – there is no point in cleaning all those bottles just to drink from them without knowing what beer is in what bottle, so Labelle makes the task easier. Now when you launch your label, you can choose beer, wine, generic or childish to get templates and styles that match your goals.

You also don’t need graphic design skills or image editing tools to make it work – you do everything in a web app. Upload images to use on your label, add text and choose from different fonts, customize your design, and when you’re done, you can save it to your computer to print it yourself, or you can ask Labeley to print it professionally for you and send it you will receive the results by email. If they do your prints, you can choose the size of the label, the paper or sticker, the number of labels you want, and all the usual stuff.

The service is free and easy to use. Click on the link below to launch it.



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