Choose One Day Per Month for Your Personal Finance Day

Most of the money you need to deal with happens on a regular basis, and you can usually reschedule most of the monthly maturities . While you are doing this, pick one day a month when you have all your financial needs met.

As the personal finance site My Mixed Up Money explains, having one day a month when you go about your finances makes it easy to get it all done at once. More importantly, it relieves stress on the other 29 days of the month:

One day a month (always on the last or first day) I spend time checking my finances. I write out (yes, by hand, in my ice age cave) every dollar I spend. I choose categories based on my expenses and I count everything. Looks very sexy.

You can also use this day for things like checking your bills to see if you can reduce them, or calling the company to dispute payments, and more. Once you get into the habit of paying all your bills regularly, double-checking your budget, and making the necessary adjustments on the same day, it will be hard to forget. When your bills and receipts are scattered across the months, it’s easy to miss something because there is always something else right around the corner. However, with Personal Finance Day on your calendar, you know exactly when you need to deal with all of this.

Why is one day a month devoted to finance is such a rock ‘n’ roll | My Mixed Money Through Rockstar Finance


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