This Adult Cinnamon Sugar Toast Recipe Is Super Easy to Make

Sugar and cinnamon croutons may be strongly associated with your younger years, but in the above video from the Tasting Table, a childhood classic gets an adult yet very simple upgrade.

What makes this toast so special? First, the bread. Instead of thin, crumbly white bread, this recipe uses thick slices of a butter bun. Then there’s a ton of butter, cinnamon and sugar (yes), but the real secret weapon is simple cinnamon syrup, which is made with 1/2 cup sugar and water and three cinnamon sticks. The syrup is applied with a brush after the initial frying in oil, saturating the bread and helping the cinnamon sugar adhere to the surface. All of these flavors return to the skillet, where everything becomes crispy and caramelized for the best cinnamon sugar toast of your life.

Best Cinnamon Toast | Tasting table


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