Opening the Grill Lid Will Not Increase the Cooking Time

Some people will tell you that lifting the lid to look at the ribs, brisket, or other slow-cooked kebab will increase the cooking time by 15 minutes. But according to a barbecue and grill expert, this is not the case.

“If you’re watching, then you’re not cooking,” is a popular saying, but as Meathead Goldwyn, author of Meathead: The Science of Big Barbecues and Grills , explains, that wisdom is flawed. Goldwyn and his assistant, Professor Greg Blonder of Boston University, conducted their own grilling tests and found that when the grill was opened, the air in the grill cools, the meat actually stays hot. When you open the grill lid, the surface of the meat and the inside of the meat are excellent at retaining most of the heat. So feel free to open the lid and soak the meat, move or rotate it, or check the internal temperature of the meat with a thermometer. A minute here or there is normal, and there will be no extra time to cook the meat. You can find some more great grilling tips at the link below.

10 Hot Myths That Should Go Away | Food52


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