UPS May Now Opt Out of Instant Map Tracking of Your Packages

While you’ve been eagerly updating your package tracker, UPS has added a new shipping option that lets you see where your package is on a map. If you are willing to pay for it.

The new card feature is standard on UPS Next Day Air and UPS Worldwide Express options, which are generally among the most expensive shipping options. However, in exchange for paying the extra money, you can log into your UPS account and see exactly where your package is at any time.

Of course, this is not necessarily of great practical benefit. It is clear that the service does not show you the driver’s route (because no one needs to chase the UPS driver), so it cannot tell you exactly when your package will arrive there. It only shows if it is close or far. This is a more informative way to update over and over again, but you still need to be patient. Fortunately, both options, which offer a display function, guarantee delivery no later than 2:00 pm, so that should comfort you.

UPS My Choice Allows Users To Track Their Delivery Location On An Interactive Map | UPS via The Verge


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