Questions Prospective Buyers Should Ask During Open House

When you buy a new home, you go to a few open days. As you travel around your home, pay attention to these important features.

Forbes, Trulya lists several important things to consider and questions to ask when looking at a potential home. Most of us know how to check for serious problems like foundation cracks or water damage. However, there are a few more key questions:

How old is the roof?

“You really need to go beyond the new kitchen and bathroom and think about the bones of the house,” says Adam Wagoner of Generator Real Estate in Denver, Colorado . One of the biggest bones in the house? Roof. Typical roof lifespan is around 20 years, but the average cost to replace one roof is in the five-figure range, averaging around $ 12,000 but rising to $ 25,000 or more.

Have there been claims for home insurance?

Jensen also recommends asking if home insurance claims have been filed and for what reasons – the answers can provide insight into any past concerns that may not be immediately apparent at open house days. If a home is located next to a pond, lake or stream, he said, it is important to ask if flood insurance is required because it could affect the buyer’s funding or create difficulties that could delay closure.

How old is the wiring?

If you’re thinking of an older home, don’t ignore the possibility of outdated electrical systems and wiring. Old systems can remain functional, but they can be a safety hazard, difficult to isolate, and sometimes difficult to insure.

These issues can be easily overlooked, and while they can come up later, if you take your home more seriously, it’s best to know ahead of time and while you have the opportunity to look at any potential issues. To find out more about Trulia’s list, go to their Forbes post below.

7 Things Shoppers Should Never Overlook on an Open House | Forbes


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