Keep Off-the-Shoulder Tops in Place With Safety Pins and Hair Ties

If you have an off-the-shoulder top in your wardrobe in warm weather that you’re tired of pulling and pulling while walking, working, or just moving around, you can easily hold it in place with a pair of safety pins and hair ties. …

While not a big deal, having to constantly adjust the upper every time you move your arms too much is annoying. To do this, you only need four medium safety pins and two hair ties.

Thread the elastic into the loop through the open circle at the top of each safety pin (two pins for each hair elastic). Attach each safety pin to the inside of the top of your bootleg so that it is under your armpit. A seam or piece of elastic will help hide the safety pins, but if you can’t find good cover, the pins shouldn’t be visible from the outside of the top. Hair ties will pull the sleeves of the top into place every time you raise your arms, so you don’t have to worry about straightening them. For a visual demonstration, watch the video above.

How to keep the upper shoulders in place “wiki useful Refinery29 (YouTube)


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