Getting Into Your Dream Job Will Probably Suck for a While.

In films, when someone leaves their terrible job to do what they love, the burden is immediately lifted. In fact, getting a job you love is a long and difficult process, and you will probably hate it for a while.

As Dave Isey, author of Callings: The Purpose and Passion of Work, notes, if you want to do what you love, you probably get hurt at first. Leaving a stable job means giving up some conveniences. Even if you’re already starting from scratch, prioritizing work that matters to you over money or status necessarily means you are likely to turn down job offers that are more convenient in the short term. As Business Site Inc. explains, this friction is to be expected:

Suffering sucks, but according to Isai, it’s also a pretty good way to find the job you were supposed to be doing. “An experience that truly shakes you and reminds you of your mortality can be a very illuminating event in people’s lives. This often leads to change, ”Isai says, citing several heartbreaking examples from his experience in StoryCorps.

If you plan on doing the work you love, anticipating this pain will help you prepare for it. Low-reward work can be daunting already, but if you expect things to go smoothly, reality hits even harder. But don’t worry. Success cannot be guaranteed, but pain along the way is normal.

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