This Calculator Will Show You How to Properly Hang Your Hammock.

Everyone loves to lie in a hammock, but hanging it securely can be tricky. This calculator will do all the calculations for you to get the perfect fit and secure fit.

You need to know a couple of measurements in order to connect them to the calculator and get the final hover points:

  • Distance between trees (or walls, or whatever you hang your hammock on)
  • Hammock length (excluding hammock laces)
  • Preferred seating height (how high off the ground do you want the bottom of the hammock)
  • Weight of a person walking in a hammock
  • Hanging angle (how flat or steep the hammock should hang)

The calculator displays all this information in a convenient form, as well as the height of the suspension point and the length of the suspension (how long the rope should be from the hammock to the anchor). Now that you create the anchor points for the hammock, you will know how high they need to be, so you only need to set the hammock once for a perfect fit. Try it yourself using the calculator at the link below.

Hammock Hanging Calculator | Final hang


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