Save Steak From Skillet for a Delicious Salad Dressing

Sliced ​​steak on top of the salad makes a delicious and satisfying simple dinner, but you can do even more by using the juice from a skillet to make an extra gourmet dressing.

The idea comes from Sarah Moulton’s Home Cooking 101 , which is full of ideas on how to make each dish taste a little bit more delicious. Adding drips and juice to the salad dressing makes the salad more meaty and rich. If you’ve never made a salad dressing yourself before, rejoice at the fact that it’s pretty simple. This handy chart can help you figure out proportions, as well as provide some simple recipe ideas and flavor profiles.

For the main vinaigrette, you should aim for a composition of about 60% oil, 30% acids, and 10% other flavors. I would classify most steak juices as “other flavors,” but if you have a particularly greasy pan juice, consider it “oils.” (You can put the juice in a small measuring cup and let the fat separate if you want to measure, but I’ll probably just figure it out.) If you want a creamier route, you can always mix the juices with mayonnaise. a salad dressing like this one from The Kitchn . In any case, the resulting dressing will definitely be delicious.

5 Simple Tips for Making Better Salads | Food 52


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