New Google Keyboard for IPhone Lets You Instantly Search for GIFs, Images, Locations and More

iOS: It’s not like Google is releasing a keyboard for the iPhone, but this one, called GBoard, lets you search right from the keyboard. When you find an image, location, link, or even GIF you want to enter, one-touch inserts it.

The ability to search without leaving your keyboard is useful enough (how many times did you want to insert a link you read, an address or a reaction GIF, but you had to go to a tab to get it, copy it, then go back to paste it?) but this is the last novelty in the trend of new keyboards for iPhone from the party, which we have seen in recent years, in addition to those we’ve seen before, despite the fact that many of you tell us you do not use them anymore .

However, Google has a good idea, and it’s well implemented, that it can make its keyboard the default on many iPhones and iPads. Click on the link below to give it a try, read more and let us know how you like it.

Gboard (free) | ITunes App Store via Google Official Blog and The Verge


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