Eight Clever Ways to Use Kitchen Scissors

Modest kitchen scissors are often overlooked and many of us don’t worry about whether a knife will work. However, this video from Bon Appetit demonstrates some surprisingly useful ways to use kitchen utensils to make cooking (and serving) much easier.

Some of these will sound familiar to old-school Lifehacker fans, like the old pizza slicing trick we described earlier, but some others are a little more eye-opening. First, I don’t know why I forgot my mom’s old kitchen trick: open a can of tomatoes and cut them with scissors even before you pour them into the pan, or use them for a de-veined Shrimp or cut the bacon into small, easily cooked in pieces. They even use kitchen scissors to remove the meat from the lobster, although this may not be necessary . Either way, watch the video above or below on YouTube – maybe you can find something that will get your kitchen scissors out of the drawer for more frequent use.

8 Ingenious Ways To Use Kitchen Scissors | Bon appetit (YouTube)


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