Clean the Fridge Coils Regularly to Keep the Fridge Lasting Longer

You probably don’t think too much about the life of your refrigerator until, of course, it breaks. If you wish to postpone the replacement of this critical appliance, clean the refrigerator coils regularly.

As the personal finance site Three Thrifty Guys notes, the condenser coils in the back of a refrigerator can get dusty very quickly (after all, they’re near the floor). Dust build-up can shorten the life of your device by ten years or more. To prevent this from happening , unplug the refrigerator and clean the coils about once a year. Read the post “Three Thrifty Guys” below to learn how to extend the life of your refrigerator.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Refrigerator | Three thrifty guys


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