This Video Explains Which Direction the Toilet Paper Should Roll.

People argued which way the toilet paper should roll while we had toilet paper. The video above from Wendover Productions provides even more room for this long-standing discussion.

The video features poll results and fun facts, such as most people prefer the edge of toilet paper to a roll, liberals are more likely to prefer more, and conservatives less. One therapist, Dr. Gilda Karl, who is also a consultant for Cottonelle, developed a toilet paper personality test and linked toilet paper preference to personality type. Those who prefer more are more likely to have a dominant personality type, while those who prefer less are more likely to be calm and submissive.

Whether you agree or not, this is quite exciting. The video above concludes with a patent on toilet paper, possibly ending this debate.

TWL # 4: Which side should the toilet paper be on? | Youtube


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