TaxiLater Lets You Schedule Your Uber Ride for Later

iOS: Uber is great for finding a ride when you need it. And if you want to schedule a car in advance, TaxiLater allows you to do just that: set the time and place of pickup in the future.

After downloading the app, log into your Uber account, then select the time, location and type of vehicle. Once you have submitted your requests, you can manage them from the app at any time and cancel the ride if necessary (just swipe left and tap Delete).

App developer Joshua Meyer says TaxiLater does not store your Uber information. Instead, it uses the Uber API to obtain an access token, ensuring your privacy and security. Also, there is no additional charge for using the app, other than the standard Uber fare of course. Meyer says he does not currently make money with the app. He told us:

I created TaxiLater because I knew it was a very necessary feature that could be useful to so many people. I wanted everyone to be able to use it.

You can set your request for a few days in the future, but keep in mind that if you are late, Uber will charge you , so be sure to track your requests in the app.

Meyer is an independent developer and at the moment the app is only available for iOS, but he says there is an Android version in development, as well as additional features for the app as a whole. To try it for yourself, follow the link below.

TaxiLater | Apple Store


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