Use Chickpea Liquid to Make the Fluffiest Egg-Free Pancakes

Teetotalers, your prayers at breakfast have been answered. Serious Eats has developed an egg-free (in fact, completely vegan) recipe for thick and fluffy pancakes, the secret of which lies in the can of chickpeas.

As J. Kenji Lopez-Alt explains at The Food Lab , chickpea liquid, also called “aquafaba,” is capable of whipping and stabilizing all kinds of egg-free goodies, from meringues to muffins, but it’s not just a matter of adding some chickpea liquid and putting end this. In typical Food Lab style, Kenji fiddled with his basic pancake recipe until he found a completely vegan recipe for fluffy stacks of warm and delicious pancakes .

Click the link below to read the entire process (and recipe), but there are a few key points to keep in mind when creating these and other egg-free wonders:

  • The addition of a small amount of sugar increases the viscosity of the chickpea liquid, making it more structurally stable.
  • Rather than mixing aquafaba with the rest of the wet ingredients, beat until fluffy, hard peaks, and then gently add to the dough, being careful not to damage the lightness of the foam.
  • Since aquafaba does not have egg white, it takes a little longer for the dough to harden. To give them enough time to dry and cook, use a lower heat setting than for “regular” pancakes.

Keep in mind that the tips above can (and should) be applied to any baked goods you make with aquafaba, so try them on your next cake, cookie, or muffin without eggs.

Use Aquafaba to Make Ultralight, Fluffy Egg-Free or Vegan Pancakes | Serious food


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