Transform an IKEA Wine Rack Into a Wall Mounted Herb Garden

Your own private herb garden always has fresh herbs in the kitchen, but you don’t need an outdoor garden to build one. This is how you can use an IKEA Cheap Wine Rack to create your own low cost wall garden.

The great thing about this is that you essentially move your window box or container herb garden into your kitchen and put it in a place that doesn’t take up valuable desk space. Here’s what you need:

  • Wine cabinet WURM (13 dollars)
  • 4 spicy plants
  • 4-pint glasses (available cheap at thrift stores)
  • 2 cups of stones or marble
  • Additional soil as needed

You should look for glasses that fit snugly into the space reserved for wine bottles. When deciding where to place your rack, remember how much sun your herbs will need.

Fill each glass about a third with stones or balls. This will provide drainage to your plants. Sprinkle some earth over the rocks, then place one plant in each glass. Install the VURM stand horizontally on the wall, not vertically as it is intended. Put each glass back in place.

How: IKEA Herbal Home Garden Hack | Burgundy


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