Mix the Perfect Fruit Salad With the Mad Lib Method

A great fruit salad is more than just a bowl of fruit; it should have a wide variety of tastes and textures. This simple Mad-Libs-style formula will help you create a memorable fruit salad every time.

To ensure that your fruit salad always has the right mix of taste and feel, Stella Parks of Serious Eats recommends filling in the field as follows:

Just walk through the kitchen or supermarket looking for creamy ____, crunchy ____, chewy ____, juicy ____, sweet ____, flavorful ____, and rich ____. To fill all these gaps, you have to go beyond the production department, but that’s good! Thoughtful yet unexpected ingredients are what makes our favorite recipes shine.

Mix fruits, nuts, and toppings like honey, yogurt, maple syrup, or even bacon. Bananas are great for cream, dates are great for chewing, and pecans or walnuts are great for crisp. You can even add some fried fruit in there . No fruit salad should ever be the same, but whatever you make will be delicious.

The Mad-Libs Method for the Perfect Fruit Salad Any Time of the Year | Serious food


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