Gemini 2, a Duplicate File Finder, Cleans up the Interface and Improves Similar File Detection

Mac: Gemini, our favorite duplicate file finder for Mac , received a big update today that redesigns the interface and improves the file scanning algorithm so that it can find more duplicate files, even if they have different names.

Gemini has always been good enough for finding files, but it has always been ugly and a little difficult to use because of the interface. The interface is now much cleaner, making it easier to detect and remove duplicates, especially with photo files. More important is the new ability to find similar files. Gemini scans your hard drive and can look for files of similar size and date, which means it can find duplicates even if you named the files differently. This is especially useful for photographs when you may have a series of shots or multiple photos of the same subject that take up a lot of space. Once it finds these duplicates, you can easily preview those files before deleting them to make sure you are not deleting anything you don’t need. In my tests, the Gemini 2 found a lot more files than the original version, especially when it comes to photographs.

However, the new version has an increased price tag. Whereas the original Gemini cost $ 10, the Gemini 2 costs $ 20. The good news is it is selling for $ 10 this week. Likewise, if you’ve used Gemini before, you can always upgrade for $ 10. As before, you can also check it out for free on the developer’s website.

Gemini 2 ($ 20 / $ 10 off this week)


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