Create a Truly Pocket-Sized Game Console With the Raspberry Pi Zero

Adafruit’s PiGRRL is one of the best DIY small handheld gaming devices out there , and they’ve now released a guide that cut it down even further with the Pi Zero.

Like PiGRRL, this project is powered by RetroPie . Aside from the Pi Zero, you’ll also need a variety of adapters, a screen, a battery, and a 3D printed case and buttons ( which you can ask to print if you don’t have a 3D printer ). You will also need to do some basic soldering, but it’s not that hard. The end result is a miniature console that fits quite easily in your pocket. Head over to Adafruit for the manual and all the files you need to do it yourself.

PiGRRL Zero | Adafrut


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